Serafin Tommaso


Rhythm Guitar , former member of Azathoth

Set up :
Jackson Warrior Guitars ,
B.C. Rich Stealth Guitars ,
Ibanez S Series and RG7 Series ,
Di Marzio X2N Pickups ,
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Head , Marshall Amps .

Follega Emanuele


Bass Guitar , Vocals , former member of Azathoth

Set up : LTD F255 Bass Guitar ,
Ibanez SG Bass Guitar ,
Hartke Amps .

Longhin Marco


Lead Guitars

Set up: Ibanez RG and
Silvercadet Guitars ,
DiMarzio X2N Hambucker ,
6H6 Seymour Duncan Hambucker ,
Peavey Ultra Plus valve head ,
TC Electronic G-Major ,
Custom cabinet 4X12 celestion speakers .

Stevan Omar


Drums and Percussion

Set up : Mapex Drums ,
Pearl Signature Snares ,
Sabian AA and AAX Cymbals ,
Trick Dominator Pedals ,
Vater Assault Drumsticks ,
DDrum Triggers .

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